Don’t look at me … And other advice from a parent with young kids at Mass

Commentary: “Found” Movie

An appreciation: For all the pandemic teachers

What are you seeking this season?

We need a little Christmas … after Christmas

Should Couples Be Wary of Cohabitation? – Considering cohabitation and and its fallout.

Character Studies: Claire from Modern Family – As part of Slate’s series of TV show character analyses, I argued that Claire Dunphy from ABC’s Modern Family should be more popular among the show’s fans.

As Husband Faces Murder Charges, Military Wives Rally Around Karilyn Bales – Karilyn Bales, the wife of Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, appeared on the Today Show this morning in her first public interview since learning that her husband allegedly killed 17 Afgan civilians earlier this month. When questioned about the violence, she said that she could not believe that Robert was capable of the first-degree murder charges he faces: “…this is not him. It’s not him.”

Who Will Grab the Butter Baton? – Paula Deen’s fans may have wanted to start butter-bawling their eyes out on Tuesday when she announced on the Today Show that she has Type 2 diabetes (a revelation that has sparked a broader conversation about food, gender and class.)

Under the window, a pause, a glance – Over the last four years I’ve spied on a lot of people. …

Preparing for Marriage – Recently my fiancé Joe and I got a card in the mail. There was an unfamiliar name on the New York return address. It turned out to be a wedding card picked out for us by ….

A homecoming story – “Who says you can’t go home?” That’s Bon Jovi’s refrain and it might as well be the motto of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans’ Operation Helping Hands, which has been rebuilding the homes of disabled, elderly and uninsured people since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in August 2005.


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