The Hawaii Catholic Herald

Current work can be found at hawaiicatholicherald.com

“Engaged, encountered, enlightened”– Summer 2009 – This three-part series looked at one couple as they went through the marriage preparation process in the Diocese of Honolulu.

Slate Magazine

“Give Spam a Chance: The maligned meat deserves a better reputation” – May 20, 2013 – Based on Hawaii’s statewide love for the Hormel canned meat, I argued that Spam is not appreciated as it should be.

“To Arthur! Guinness has created a new drinking holiday that is ridiculed yet highly widely celebrated” – Sept. 27, 2012 – Wrote this after a trip to Ireland in August where I learned about this growing Guinness holiday.

“The New King of Lanai” – June 27, 2012 – Reported from Lanai on the community reaction to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison buying most of the Hawaiian island.

“Should Couples Be Wary of Cohabitation?” – April 16, 2012 – Considering cohabitation and and its fallout.

“Character Studies: Claire from Modern Family” March 1, 2012 – As part of Slate’s series of TV show character analyses, I argued that Claire Dunphy from ABC’s Modern Family should be more popular among the show’s fans.

“As Husband Faces Murder Charges, Military Wives Rally Around Karilyn Bales” –  March 26, 2012 – This XXFactor blog was my first person take on the support the wife of accused Afghanistan shooter Robert Bales was receiving from fellow military spouses.

“Ash Wednesday Do’s and Don’ts: Do you have to keep the ashes on your face until bedtime?” – Feb. 22, 2012. This Explainer column looked at whether Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich might wear Ash Wednesday ashes during a televised debate that fell on the religious holy day.

“Who Will Grab the Butter Baton?” – Jan. 19, 2012 – This Browbeat blog post focused on Paula Deen’s announcement that she has diabetes and looked at potential successors to her buttery cuisine queen title.

Northwest Catholic

Work for this magazine and website has included “The Art of Faith,” a cover story and multimedia package that won first place for a web/print combination package and first place for best online presentation of multimedia visuals.

Capital News Service

“Maryland’s Hidden Pop Culture Museums” – Two video pieces on unusual museums in Maryland. Washington Post blogger Mike Rosenwald highlighted the Star Wars toy museum video on his Post blog.

“Cartoonist Jeff Kinney’s ‘Wimpy Kid’ books started at the University of Maryland” – Sept. 26, 2012 – I did a video interview with Jeff Kinney when he was in Washington D.C. and wrote up an accompanying print story that looked at how the origins of his “Wimpy Kid” books started with his University of Maryland “Igdoof” comic strip. The story was picked up by The Sacramento Bee, The Capital Gazette, Southern Maryland Online, The Frederick News-Post, Patch Hyattsville, and The Prince George’s Sentinel.

Infidelity isn’t among the top worries of a military family” – Nov. 17, 2012 – A story looking at the challenges military families face, with a focus on Maryland-based couples.

“Artists moving in, changing Greenmount West” – Fall 2011 – I reported on the effects that Baltimore’s Station North Arts District was having on the Greenmount West neighborhood, including a short video piece, as well as, a profile of a Greenmount West community leader.

– Maryland craft brewery multimedia project with brewer profiles, a story looking at the small business aspect of running a brewery, a story on two larger microbreweries that relocated to Maryland, three videos on Flying Dog Brewery, and several other interactive features.

U.S. Catholic

Goy meets girl: How interfaith couples make it work” – This December 2011 cover story looked at young adults in interfaith marriages and how many younger Catholics don’t think marrying another Catholic is important today.

The church’s ‘married clergy’: 40 years of Deacons” – This December 2010 story examined the evolution of permanent deacons in the church, who are usually married and have careers outside their ministry.

Through a glass darkly: How Catholics struggle with mental illness” – This February 2010 cover story focused on how the Catholic Church has dealt with parishioners with mental illnesses.

The Current Newspapers

“Marine Corps Spouses Get Makeovers on U St.” – March 2, 2012 – A U Street salon offered free makeovers to military wives as they prepared for their husbands’ homecoming from a deployment to Afghanistan.

Dumbarton Church marks 25 years of GLBT inclusion” – Feb. 14, 2012 – This historic United Methodist church in Georgetown has been welcoming gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual members for a quarter of a century

The Catholic Standard

“Chilean ambassador calls rescue of Chilean miners a triumph of faith, spirit” – Oct. 21, 2010 – I interviewed the Chilean ambassador to the U.S. a few months after the Chilean miners’ rescue, and he talked about how the event brought out his country’s spirit.

Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian parishioners go door-to-door to share their faith” – Sept. 14, 2010. In an atypical move for Catholics, one Washington D.C. Catholic church has its parishioners go door-to-door in the church’s surrounding neighborhood to invite people to come to church.

The Hawaii Catholic HeraldCurrent work can be found at hawaiicatholicherald.com

“Engaged, encountered, enlightened”– Summer 2009 – This three-part series looked at one couple as they went through the marriage preparation process in the Diocese of Honolulu.

The Honolulu Advertiser

Son lives on through transplant recipients” – Aug. 19, 2004 – This cover story profiled a family’s close relationship with the people who were recipients of their son’s organs.

The Daily Northwestern

Music, Mass and all that jazz” – Feb. 6, 2003. This Daily Northwestern piece won a 2003 Sixth Place “Personality/Profile” Hearst Journalism Award. It profiles a jazz musician who also happens to be a priest.

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